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Please could you post a news item/link/review/whatever for our newest release, which is out on vinyl July 15th (digital now) - it is a 4 song split EP between UK’s Lay It On The Line and Belgium’s Arizona.

The split is 2 songs each - and the 7” is out in time for bands’ tour together.

Lay It On The Line's tracks were recorded with Neil Kennedy, who has produced such UK heavy weights as Landscapes, Last Witness and Departures. Their songs are about their friend Ben, who was murdered in 2009 near where they all live.

Streaming/Download is here:


Band websites:

Lay It On The Line - FFO Dead Swans/Polar/Vales

Arizona FFO ADTR/Homer/Me Vs Hero

Thank you in advance for any postings about this release. We have no PR company or expensive promotional help, it’s all DIY.

Tour Dates:

Genk, BE - 10th July @ JH Ginsert
Dusseldorf, DE - 11th July @ Tills Eleven
Venray, NL - 12th July @ Riddim
Zele, BE - 13th July @ ‘T Verdreit [LIOTL only]
Herselt, BE - 14th July @ JH De Choke 

Split Track Listing:

1. Therapia Lane - LIOTL

2. …And Now I Own His Washing Machine - LIOTL

3. I Knew A Girl At School Called Pandora, Never Got To See Her Box Though - Arizona

4. I’m Not A Superhero, I’m a Latter Day Saint (Acoustic) - Arizona


Forms — Labours

genre: sadcore, lo-fi, folk

link: http://forms1.bandcamp.com/

this is some really beautiful and heartwrenching folk music. A really pretty voice and lo-fi production make this a gem. give it a listen.


I’ve been really busy with school as of late and stuff. So I haven’t really had time to post new stuff. So once this semester is over. I’ll be up and running on this again. Sorry. but YOU GUYS CAN STILL SUBMIT!! DO IT. KEEP THE BLOG ACTIVE WHILE I’M GONE.

Arizona Wilder — Dando

genre: post-hardcore, emo

link: http://arizonawilder.bandcamp.com/album/dando

marvelous post-hardcore with some sweet vocals. listen you dumbos. screaming and twinkles at some times. 

Mykki Blanco —  Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/Ss

genre: hip-hop, trap rap

link: http://www.datpiff.com/Mykki-Blanco-Cosmic-Angel-The-Illuminati-Princess-mixtape.416335.html

one of the best hip-hop releases i’ve heard in a while. Mykki Blanco is a trans* rapper, who decimates the fucking mic. His(her?) flow, raspy voice and lyrical content are insane. Listen to this shit right now. 

Radio Wire Empire — Color & Colour EP

genre: dreampop, synthpop, electronic

link: http://radiowireempire.bandcamp.com/album/color-colour-ep

really catchy, dancy dreampop. 

Wess Meets West — Chevaliers 

genre: math rock, post-rock, instrumental

link: http://wessmeetswest.bandcamp.com/album/chevaliers

a very underrated math-post-rock band. check it. 

Wild’s Reprisal — Cascadia Rising

genre: atmospheric black metal, post-metal

link: http://wildsreprisal.bandcamp.com/album/cascadia-rising

fantastic atmospheric black metal. perfect for those winter days in isolation. 


unreleased alternate




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Bread Club — Bread Club

genre: emo

link: http://breadclub.bandcamp.com/album/bread-club

unknown emo gem. 

Bonjour Machines — EP

genre: emo, indie, twinkly emo, punk

link: http://bonjourmachines.bandcamp.com/album/bonjour-machines-ep

Great twinkly emo punk with interesting and intoxicating vocals. 

Vestiges — The Decent of Man

genre: crust, post-metal, hardcore

link: http://wearevestiges.bandcamp.com/album/the-descent-of-man

this will shake you too the very core. it’s incredible

Freaky J & The Bears —  Demo Two Thousand Sebleven

genre: emo, twinkle

link: http://freakyjandthebears.bandcamp.com/album/demo-two-thousand-sebleven

noodly guitars, lo-fi production, great vocals. what more can you ask for? 

Night Owls — Dearly

genre: emo, hardcore, screamo

link: http://nightowlsct.bandcamp.com/album/dearly

harsh vocals accompanied with soaring melodies, reminds me of early 2000s emo/screamo bands. A really good listen.